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Colorado Springs SEO

At Commerce Puzzle, we take pride in being flexible enough to remain one of the top-rated SEO companies in Colorado Springs. Search engine optimization is an ever-evolving industry, and the growth of El Paso County is making the Colorado Springs SEO market more competitive as time goes on. Our Local SEO experts take the techniques that help us rank clients nationwide and combine them with the knowledge that we have acquired over the years from being a local company that loves to interact with the residents and businesses that make this state great. If you aspire to rank your website at the top of search engines like Google and Bing, working with a company that studies and works to understand frequently evolving search engine algorithms is a must. Beyond that, developing a strategy that takes things into account such as content quality, healthy backlinks, high-traffic keywords, domain authority, google map rankings, search intent, website security, and page speed is a great way to get started. The question is, how do you do all of that while including and communicating your unique company culture? The answer to that question is what makes us different.

Design Your Culture.

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Commerce Puzzle really helped me comprehend my marketing strategy on a higher level. I walked in an entrepreneur and exited each meeting thinking like the CEO of a well developed organization. Commerce Puzzle helped focus that potential, by helping develop a realistic strategy that allowed me to make realistic goals and see realistic results based on MY vision.
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Marlon Steward
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Their work is amazing, and the professionalism is unmatched. I have never worked with a company that has made me feel like I know my clients feel from my team going above and beyond. Their work ethic and commitment to your brand outstanding! I went from a pencil sketch at the kitchen table, to this amazing brand! It was worth every penny.
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Terra Smith
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Top Ranked SEO

93% of online activity begins with search engines, and only 10% of eligible websites earn that traffic. With so much room for growth, will your company be next?

"The worker must work for the glory of his handiwork, not simply for pay; the thinker must think for truth, not for fame.”

There is a “debate” going on over the legitimacy of SEO, and we strongly believe that there is nothing up for question simply because of how people use the internet. Until customers stop using search engines like Google to find phone numbers, addresses, operating hours, directions, and other general business information, SEO will remain relevant. As a thought experiment, think about how often you use Google for any of the things previously mentioned. Beyond that, think about how often you scroll to the third, fourth, fifth, tenth page of Google. Not only does SEO work, companies that take advantage of the opportunity benefit from it every second of every day.

On the surface, keyword research can be quite simple. You use analytic software to find out which keywords relate to the websites in your industry and you are all done. In reality, keyword research is one of the biggest factors in determining if your SEO strategy will work, and how much it impacts your business if it does work. Over the last few years, SEO has gotten exponentially more competitive, and as a response, some digital marketing agencies are targeting low competition keywords to get faster “results”. The issue? These keywords aren’t competitive because they do not generate much traffic. After all, what is the point of being on the first page of Google if you are on a page that no one ever visits? At Commerce Puzzle, we target high traffic keywords to ensure that you get to benefit from your wins and dominate SEO in Colorado Springs.

SEO success is defined by three things; your technical ability, your industry, and your competition. The length of time that it takes for you to show up on the first page of Google, the first page of Bing, or the map pack is entirely subjective and cannot be answered by anyone, including the developers at Google and Bing. Because algorithms aren’t programmed by people, but not controlled by people, any guarantee on the length of time that it takes to rank is not something that can be taken seriously. In fact, most professional agencies consider that a giant red flag, so be wary of those who promise results in a certain time frame. In business, money talks, so you are probably still wondering how long SEO takes to become effective. We always recommend that our clients prepare for a 6-12 month journey, with the amount of work and time spent maintaining your ranking remaining dependent on your industry and competition. If you are in a very SEO heavy industry, such as law and medicine, where every company on the first few pages is working with a healthy SEO budget and producing good content, the process can take a while. If you are in an industry that doesn’t utilize SEO quite as often, your results may come faster.

Both the Colorado Springs web design market and national web design market have played a crucial role in providing our team with valuable experience in the security department. We deploy a wide range of best practices to virtually eliminate some of the most common forms of online attacks against businesses. All of our partners have the option to leave the hosting and security in our teams’ hands, drastically decreasing risk and increasing the amount of time that you can spend running your business.

With over 88% of all shopping still done in stores, the online market has massive room for growth. Consumers are beginning to expect that businesses are technologically sound and offer basic online options. At Commerce Puzzle, we recognize the power of an e-commerce platform and have specialized in the area since the inception of our company. We have online business solutions for every sector, with no limitations. Shippable items, downloadable content, membership access, online courses, online coupons, automation, and more.

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