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“They really encouraged all types of marketing,
they support their brokers into getting creative and doing whatever kind of
marketing they need to target their customers.”

The Real Estate Rapper

Trinette Lindsey is a real estate agent, investor, and current internet sensation who showed us just how effective spicing up an old industry can be. The release of her Real Estate Rap video has gained attention since the moment it was uploaded, and the momentum is just picking up. The innovative approach to marketing was enough for Trinette to earn our Culture Spotlight, but the position that she released the video from really solidified it. A real estate agent has to follow a different set of rules and regulations than a real estate investor. Trinette released this video as a real estate agent, which means the brokerage company that she works for had to OK her marketing idea, and they did. Allowing your team this type of room for creative development leads to growth with no ceilings, such as a viral video that continues to bring in the coverage. At the same time, Trinette’s bravery to approach her place of employment with such a unique idea (an idea that would also have an impact on her personal investing business) proved to be fruitful. The lesson here is a great one; businesses and entrepreneurs should remain open to innovation and new approaches, especially when it comes to marketing.

The conversation that we had with Trinette Lindsey was nothing short of energetic, fun, and filled with intellect. The world of real estate often requires one to be particular with language and communication, frequently resulting in conversations that are boring and overflowing with jargon. Trinette boasts the ability to make real estate understandable for anyone, at any level, all while possessing the knowledge to dive deep into the nuances of the industry when needed. Her ability to teach, entertain and deliver information is something that entrepreneurs everywhere can look up to and learn from. Read what Trinette has to say about her viral video, her time at Dreamspots Leasing & Sales, her upcoming plans, and more in our one on one interview below!

"Trinette and her team do an exceptional job!"

Trinette and her team do an exceptional job! They always treat you like you are a family member and will many times get you a better deal than you expected.
- Facebook Review: Amit Bhuta

One on One With Trinette Lindsey

Question: “Currently, you’re trending on the internet as “Real Estate Rap Lady”, what inspired you
to reach your audience through a rap song?”

“Basically, what inspired me, was that business was very slow for me. I said, 'what can I do that will get across to everyone?' So, I thought music is the answer! I figured I would do a rap song because in my head, all cultures listen to and enjoy rap jingles. Something short. What was important to me was not necessarily to sell myself, but to put out information so that people can get an idea about what the process is like."

Question: “Releasing a music video that takes place at your job is both innovative and cool — how
would you describe the culture at Dreamspots Leasing-Sales Inc?”

“Oh man, the culture is like no other. Let me tell you, I just got to Dreamspot February 1st . I had already recorded my jingle in the studio – when you’re with brokerages, they have to be ok with your marketing. Before I even started working there, I spoke with the manager and described my rap jingle to them – said I want to do a video for it. They really encouraged all types of marketing, they support their brokers into getting creative and doing whatever kind of marketing they need to target their customers. Being with Dreamspot has been nothing but the best – all of us are in a group chat, the culture is amazing. I absolutely LOVE it!”

Question: “How does having such a great sense of humor tend to ease the worries of the people you
work with every day?”

"It definitely helps. Number one, buying a home will probably be one of the biggest if not the biggest transaction of someone’s life. You want to make sure your client gets the best and they understand you help them along the process. It doesn’t hurt if you are relaxed, funny, fun – you don’t have to be so uptight and super professional. If you relax, your client will relax. Another reason I did the rap video is I absolutely love karaoke, just wanted to throw that in there."

Question: “Can we expect anymore cool songs or videos from the Real Estate Rap Lady?”

"So, umm... I’m going to say yes. I am also an investor, so I flip properties in Chicago as well. I really, really want to do another video for my fellow investors or for people looking to get into the same industry.

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