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Java Punk Coffee

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“A community coffee and tea bar serving craft coffee, loose-leaf tea, and eats with a Steampunk vibe and a relaxing atmosphere. Now open! Come on in!

About The Company

What happens when southern hospitality meets Nikola Tesla? Java Punk Coffee, of course. Some places are so unique that they demand a certain level of responsibility when reviewed or written about it, this coffee house falls heavily into that category. If we were to spend too much time raving about their abundance of board games, toys, and things to do, it might start to sound like an arcade. If we were to spend too much time raving about their generous portion sizes, it might start to sound like a sit-down restaurant.

Most importantly, if we were to rave about their extremely unique coffee menu, it may start to sound like a hipsters paradise. So what exactly is Java Punk Coffee? How do you describe a business that offers full-size couches to sit on that are conveniently decorated with inviting blankets? Well, you don’t.

Outside of the 30-second transaction of currency, this establishment is hardly a business in the traditional sense. It is quite literally a home in which the community is infinitely invited into. We told the owner that we felt the term “great customer service” harshly understated ones experience at Java Punk Coffee. Customer service screams business. Java Punk feels like your favorite family members house during the holidays. Imagine thanking the person who cooked your holiday dinner for their customer service. It just does not work. The same concept applies here. The most surprising thing about all of this: an ownership team is doing it with a vision for expansion. It is rare for a team to capture this level of authenticity while maintaining an interest in growth. In fact, the absence of interest in expansion has traditionally been one of the critical components of local authenticity. So, how does the ownership team of Vicki Willson and Stephanie Hinton do it? We sat down with owner Stephanie Hinton to find out.

“I Love This Place!!!”

"This place is a GEM! I love the artsy, steam punk, Victorian feel. It's such a cozy place and perfect for homework or to catch up with friends. Their coffee is also pretty amazing. I can't say enough good things about them, I love this place!!!"
-Yelp Review: Chelsea M.

One On One With The Owner

Question: “How would you describe the culture of Java Punk?”

If you come in here and you feel comfortable, at home, and included, that is what we want. We want to celebrate you, right where you are in your journey, regardless of what that is. We are all about being inclusive, all the way across the board.

Question: “We noticed that you do not call out names for orders, which is what a lot of coffee chains do. Every time an order is ready, someone seems to bring it out?”

We might call your name if we are trying to find you! But, no. Go find a spot and hangout, and we will bring it over to you when it is ready.

Question: “Would you say a few of the terms or buzzwords used to describe the interior design could be ‘victorian’, or the ‘steam punk era?”

It is like... if the future happened in victorian London, but the only technology was the Tesla coil and the steam engine. Your robots and everything else would be steam driven. Think H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Wild Wild West, even Hell Boy has some steam in it. It is an art movement and sci-fi fantasy sub-culture.

Question: “Having a public school teacher as your business partner, it seems like having a foot in the community is important?”

That is what we want. This side of town does not have much culture, it is mostly chains.

Our Favorite Quote

"We try to build up the other small businesses. That is why we use The Sourdough Boulangerie for our sourdough bread, we use Delicious Bakery for our sub-rolls, Inertia as our roaster, 3.14 Sweet & Savory Pi Bar off of Centennial does our pies, and Andy at The Exchange does our pastries."

Beyond Coffee

Java Punk Offers A Wide Variety of Food and Other Options

Creamy Chicken Enchilada Soup

Following the trend of being made from scratch, Java Punk Coffee has a variety of homemade soup.

Java Punk - From Scratch Creamy Chicken Enchilada Soup
ava punk delicious pie colorado springs commerce puzzle

Locally Crafted Desserts & Pie

Remaining true to the community, Java Punk often has their desserts and pie supplied by local talent. It does not get any closer to home than that.

A Variety Of Sandwiches

Perhaps the most delightfully surprising part of their menu, expect to get a restaurant-sized portion of whatever from-scratch sandwich that you decide to get.

Sandwhiches Java Punk Colorado Springs Commerce Puzzle
Java Punk Local Art Colorado Springs Commerce Puzzle

Local Art

The variety of games that Java Punk has to offer is a highlight worth mentioning, but the ability for customers to purchase local art takes the cake as our favorite non-coffee feature.

Our Final Take

Between a business savvy ownership team, southern roots, a commitment to the community, and a focus on growth, Java Punk Coffee is here to stay. The interior design is unique, the food and coffee are great, and the service is even better. If you are looking for an atmosphere that spawns creativity, or even a night for board games, this is the coffee shop for you. Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Java Punk has embodied the spirit of the locals; we look forward to seeing what they are going to do next.

"The Turkey Monte Cristo Was Delicious."

"The turkey Monte Cristo was delicious and I really loved the spring soup too. Italian cream soda was great. Getting a coffee on the way out and can only assume it will be just as good as everything else so far. Glad to have this place close to our house."
-Facebook Review: Lori B.

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