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Epicentral Coworking is a shared workspace for professionals, freelancers, telecommuters, small business owners, entrepreneurs, side-hustlers, and coffee shop nomads. We provide workspace, meeting rooms, dedicated desks, private offices, and a community of fellow do’ers, thinkers, and change makers.”

About Epicentral Coworking

Describing Epicentral without an understanding of their industry is nearly impossible. At the same time, describing Epicentral after you do have a grasp on their industry does not get much easier, but that will serve as our approach for this edition of the Culture Spotlight. Coworking, a fairly new industry that began to spread in America in 2005, is as much an ideology as it is a business. From a corporate perspective, coworking space provides meeting rooms, business essentials (printing, tech for meetings, etc.), offices, dedicated desks, or just a comfortable place to work next to likeminded individuals in a lobby style setting. Everything we just named are considered excellent amenities that can help drive any business to grow. With that said, you can also find a similar set up in a number of other business structures (executive suites, incubators, etc.) What sets the coworking industry apart from any other is the overriding commitment to building community. Epicentral fulfills this commitment better than any company that we have come across not named Apple. And yes, we mean it.

Your first step into Epicentral is an immediate notification that you have entered an ecosystem, not a business. The energy can best be described as youthful, yet intellectually demanding. The members that make up the Epicentral community range from Lawyers and Chefs, with everyone else from software engineers to education based businesses lengthening the spectrum. It is difficult to walk 20 feet in any given direction without seeing a contribution from a local business, creative, or entrepreneur. Any attempt at a compliment regarding the decor is promptly met with the explanation of who created it, what they do for work, and whether or not they are a current member. The establishment is a constant reminder that the place exists to make your life as a business owner as comfortable as possible. The light-hearted aura that radiates from Epicentral is palpable, but it never leaks into unprofessionalism. There is something about walking past the community keg on your way to a meeting room outfitted with Apple TV and Google Chromecast that screams “don’t forget to enjoy your hard work,” and that is something that everyone can benefit from.

In hopes of getting a better understanding of how Epicentral was able to create an ecosystem that is buzzing with success, we sat down with culture cultivators Frank Frey and Courtney Alberson to dig into the secrets of coworking. Check it out below.

“They're Out Of This World”

"Honestly, there's no other place I'd like to spend the majority of my work week at. There's spaces to sit in seclusion, places to make calls without annoying members, options for offices, there are even some of the best meeting rooms in the city. All at the hands of the epicentral members! If you're looking for a good, affordable, flexible coworking space, this is the one! p.s. The staff are the best Space Captains. They're out of this world."
- Google Review: Lauren Wade

One on One With Frank & Courtney

Question: “How long has the company been in Colorado Springs”

We moved to this space in 2014. Before that, we were at the location just next door. That location was acquired in 2012.

Question: “From our experience, a culture that is THIS strong is either completely natural, or it is doctored to a science. Where do you think you fit on that scale?”

I think culture is a weird thing, I don't think you can really create it...You have to foster it. Our biggest asset is our community and how people interact with each other. If you can guide that and influence that, you can help move it along. But there is a lot of intention around it

Question: “It seems that a big driver to the culture is that people come here by choice. It does not feel like anyone HAS to be here. Do you agree?”

Yes. They do not want to work from home. We have designed ourselves around the Colorado Springs culture, not just the Colorado culture. You can still be outdoors and enjoy things like bike parking. We have a shower so people can even run to work if they really feel like it. But overall, having local artists artwork, paintings of the mountains, pictures of different spots around town, or anything similar helps people feel like it is home away from home.

Question:“From being someone who manages business owners, what would your advice be to high school kids that are interested in owning a business”

Collaboration is key. Do not be afraid to share your idea. I think that is one of the great things about this space. You can be in one realm of business, and come together with someone from a completely different background and create. You cannot do that if you are clutching on to every idea.


Access To Meeting Rooms

With different sized rooms for separate occasions, complimentary tech, white boards, and general supplies, you have everything you need for corporate level meetings. Every member has access!

epicentral coworking colorado springs
stocked kitchen colorado springs

Stocked Kitchens

From local coffee to healthy snacks, every kitchen at Epicentral is stocked for the entrepreneurs benefit. 

Tech & Supplies

Computer monitors, printers, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Fast WiFi, and any other tech and business supplies that you could imagine.

epicentral meeting rooms colorado springs
epicentral office pic colorado springs

24/7 Access

One of the heavily favored features when reading reviews, 24/7 access gives owners the opportunity to grow their business without limits.

“Great Space For Collaboration”

Great space for collaboration. I visited during several events like the Teach for America volunteer appreciation event or the #gocodeco challenge . They have been accommodating, the work areas are very functional and clean. Check it out!
- Google Review: Susanna Haynie

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