New York Eligibility For Medical Marijuana Expanded.

By <b>Evan Lipford</b>

By Evan Lipford

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The state of New York has made the decision to update its medical marijuana eligibility rules and subsequently developed a new patient registration and cannabis certification system.

The new medical marijuana eligibility rules make the process more inclusive by allowing practitioners to give medical marijuana certifications for any condition that they say cannabis can help. In addition to this, additional practitioners, specifically midwives, podiatrists, and dentists, have been added to the list of practitioners that are allowed to issue medical marijuana certifications.

Due to the previous rules which only allowed for patients with conditions such as cancer and epilepsy to be granted medical marijuana certifications, the updated eligibility standards will drastically increase public access to medicinal cannabis, a move that New York dispensaries are calling a common-sense advancement. “Yesterday’s decision to allow doctors to recommend medical marijuana to patients for any condition they see fit is a common-sense advancement that will help the program reach countless new patients,” says Vireo Health

State officials have said that the new registration and cannabis portals will issue certifications from the state ran Office Of Cannabis Management (OCM). Additionally, the OCM announced that it has waived patient registration fees, increased the supply limit from 30 days to 60 days, is now allowing the sale of whole flower cannabis products, and will accelerate the approval process for schools, residential facilities, and hospitals to have the ability to retain and administer cannabis products for patients.

If you are a current New York patient, state officials have said that previous certifications that were granted through the State Department of Health are valid until their respective expiration dates.

Overall, this is a great move by the state of New York and the team here at Commerce Puzzle fully expects that the increased access to medical cannabis will have a big impact on growing the New York cannabis economy.

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Evan <b>Lipford</b>

Evan Lipford

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